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Have You Ever Written a Prayer Letter?

Effective prayer helps you lay aside all cares and worries so that Mind — God — can restore wholeness in your life. “Yet, as positive as we may consciously think, speak, and act, we have challenges” (Hasbrouck).

Even the most spiritually attuned person experiences tribulation. “Sometimes the ‘tribulation’ in our lives seems to persist no matter

how faithfully we affirm Truth. When we have such challenges we may find that our repeated affirmations keep the thought of the challenge in our minds” (Hasbrouck). We find it near impossible to just “let go and let God.”

Writing a prayer letter may…

Whenever I get ready to write about Jesus, I feel myself tiptoeing through a potential minefield. There are so many defined opinions of Jesus that I struggle to find open hearts. If you are one of those open hearts, I want to present an alternate point of view that just might open in you a deeper appreciation for this incredible man who became one with God.

And, if this post stirs something in you, I invite you to join me in tonight’s (2/9/2017) Metaphysical Bible Hangout for a deeper conversation. …

I don’t remember where I first heard the question, “Have you made the decision for Christ?” But I remember it being a question that stayed with me long after I was asked. In light of the spiritual quest I’ve been on for the past 20+ years, I revisit this question.

And, I ask it of you: Have you made the decision for Christ?

This question will be the focal point of our discussion this evening (2/16/2017) during the Metaphysical Bible Hangout. …

Why a Spiritual Cleanse is Necessary

Everywhere you turn you can find a holistic website touting the benefits of cleansing your body. Some promise the cleanse the very cells in your body…which is a pretty radical thought when you consider that your body has trillions upon trillions of cells. Price points vary but the promise is that you will be really, really cleaned out.

But cleanses only address the physical part of you. You are more than your body. You have a non-physical part and it is dominant. In fact, the non-physical part of you determines how the physical part looks and expresses. …

Can You Confirm Divine Guidance?

Regardless of how or why we pray, the answers to prayers almost always involve guidance because, in one form or another, God has already supplied everything we need. But to have it, we must claim it, first in mind and then in the outer world. That means that after we realize that the good we seek is present, we usually must perform some outward acts to connect ourselves with it” (Hasbrouck).

Hasbrouck opens the 10th chapter of her powerful Handbook of Positive Prayer with these words. Each of us wants to know whether we have received divine guidance or simply…

All around us the Universe buzzes with life, vitality and peace. Undisturbed by human shenanigans, the Universe — aka God — stands in complete integrity behind every creation. This field of infinite potentiality is the truth of every manifestation.

We humans like the idea of distinguishing between what is God and what is not. But, in truth, I AM plays all the parts — big and small, good and bad, great and un-great. Or, as my teachers taught me, “There is no spot where God is not.”

For my last blog post of 2016, I want to focus on the…

Scriptural Affirmations — The Way to Pray Without Ceasing

Hasbrouck suggests a technique that I know you’ll love — writing scriptural affirmations on note cards and referring to them periodically throughout the day.

When I worked in tele-fundraising, I kept a journal with me at my station. Between phone calls I would write affirmations and prayers to keep my mind focused. Doing so allowed me to keep my energy levels high even though I may have been hearing “No!” on the phone or my numbers may not have been as high as I would have liked.

In Hasbrouck’s suggestion of writing scriptural affirmations on note cards, I recognize a…

I want to close out this blog series on a powerful note. And, that brings me to the subject of gratitude. To be grateful is the single most important and transformational thing you can be, do or have.

(In the Bible Hangout, we’re working with Pam Grout’s Thank and Grow Rich.)

Everything and Everyone Operates at a Specific Frequency

I remember a job I had just out of college. My boss was a moody person. I didn’t know what kind of energy I would get from her each day. Some days she’d arrive super happy. And, then other days she’d come in and jump down my throat.


Figures on an income statement do not determine wealth. You can be rich when you’re poor and poor when you’re rich. The truly wealthy person recognizes that all her needs are met in lavish abundance.

How to Know If You Have True Wealth

The mental state of the truly wealthy person keeps her in right relationship with the universe. Her heart and mind remain eternally receptive to absolute good. So-called negative appearances do not move her because she knows that all is well no matter what appears.

People are not born believing themselves to be poor. They must be taught that they are poor. They must be taught…

I think when most people think of visualization they think of seeing yourself in a desired setting or doing a desired thing. Hasbrouck introduces an alternative way to think about visualization.

I said last week the visualization precedes manifestation.

Visualization is already happening in your mind whether you consciously acknowledge it or not. Just consider your normal work day. Before you get dressed each morning, you image the clothes in your closet, rejecting and selecting the outfit that will make you feel your best. …

Sherri James

Sherri looks for the divine gift that's only hers to share, drawing from decades of experience in financial literacy, spiritual exploration & personal growth.

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