Jesus: An Alternate Point of View

The Miraculous Birth May Be a Minor Detail

Butterworth writes: “Much has been made over the manner of His birth. The Bible seems to indicate that His fellow townspeople knew nothing unusual about the incident.”

Jesus’ Personal Discovery Next Levels Our Understanding of God

I always marvel that Jesus studied the same Scriptures that everyone else in his world studied. Yet, he saw something different. Often when I sit with the Hebrew Scriptures, I wonder how he might have thought about a particular passage of Scripture.

Jesus’ Theme Was the Divinity of Man

The real good news is that you are victor, not victim. Circumstances do not have you; when you wake up to who you really are, you know that you have mastery over circumstances.

Jesus’ Discovery is Your Discovery

Once Roger Bannister broke through the 4-minute mile, everyone who could run that fast broke through the 4-minute mile. That which one man accomplished now became available for all people to accomplish.

Should We Worship Jesus?

To worship means to honor or reverence as a divine being or supernatural power. For many people, worshiping Jesus means putting yourself in an inferior position and Jesus in a superior position.

A Master Teacher Always Points the Way

No true teacher makes himself or herself the object of veneration. Teachers — when they’re doing their jobs — equip us to do what do not yet believe we can do.

My Call to Action

Revisit Jesus. See if you can throw off the theological embellishments put on him for the last 2,000 years. Who is this extraordinary man you are looking at with the tremendous PR job that’s been done on his life? I think when you really look at him, you find someone who accomplished something far more mind-blowing than we’ve been led to believe.

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