Unlocking the Metaphysics of Jericho: How to Achieve the Impossible!

Jericho Has Already Been Given to You

The book of Joshua begins with a powerful promise from I AM: “Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon, that have I given unto you” (Joshua 1:3). Not only do we have a physical foot, but we also have a spiritual foot. Our physical foot travels in the natural world while our spiritual foot travels in the psychological and spiritual realms.

I AM’s promise to Joshua extends beyond where he goes physically; it also covers where he goes spiritually in his mind. Every place that the sole of your spiritual foot shall tread, that have I given to you. In other words, nothing shall be withheld from you. If you will go there in your mind, I AM, your divine consciousness, can take you there in your body.

Joshua’s Promise Is Our Promise

Wherever we willingly go in our minds, I AM shall take us in our bodies. No place, no territory shall be withheld from us. Won’t you dare to entertain in your heart that which, up till now, seemed impossible? Are you willing to partner with I AM and prove that impossible is nothing?

Jericho represents the goal that seems impossible to achieve. This rich city sat protected by an impenetrable wall. Joshua and his people had been living a nomadic lifestyle in the desert — they were homeless. No stockpile of weapons existed. They had the clothes they could carry and a few musical instruments that they used to entertain themselves when they stopped moving.

To think they’d be successful in a campaign against the well-resourced Jericho seemed senseless.

In our experience, each of us has a Jericho — that goal that looks too far to reach for. And, to go for it seems like an invitation for certain failure. We possess none of what the experts say we should have to accomplish our goal. All we have is hope and desire.

The Metaphysics of Jericho

Metaphysically, each element in the Jericho story represents some aspect of you and your journey into your greatest tomorrow! To use Neville’s words exactly: Joshua symbolizes you, the reader, your present state; the city of Jericho symbolizes your desire, or defined objective. The walls of Jericho symbolize the obstacles between you and the realization of your objective. The foot symbolizes the understanding; placing the sole of the foot upon a definite place indicates fixing a definite psychological state. Rahab, the spy, is your ability to travel secretly, or psychologically to any place in space. Consciousness knows no frontier. No one can stop you from dwelling psychologically at any point, or in any state in time or space.

Within you lies the power to obliterate all barriers. Nothing can keep from you that which you psychologically lay hold of. Do not allow what happens in the natural to dictate where you go in your mind. The power of I AM in you can overcome any outer obstacle if you will go where you want to be in your mind.

“By treading psychologically, I mean that you can now, this moment, close your eyes and after visualizing or imagining a place or state other than your present one, actually FEEL that you are now in such a place or state.” Believe no external barrier. Know with Walt Whitman that “nothing external to me has power over me.”

Go to Jericho in Your Mind

In her autobiography Find a Way, Diana Nyad shares how she prepared for her historic swim from the coast of Havana, Cuba to the coast of Key West, Florida. This swim took a whopping 53 non-stop hours and she swam the distance without a shark cage and under the threat of being stung by the deadly box Atlantic jellyfish.

In her book, she explains the hours upon hours she spent in her mind visualizing every wave, every turn of the ocean, every unexpected obstacle the water might bring. In the end, she pulls it off at age 64!

Noted inventor Ray Kurzweil talks about the way he starts toward an impossible goal. He imagines himself giving a talk four to five years in the future, where he’s explaining to an audience how he accomplished what today seems impossible.

Don’t Block Your Own Opportunity

“A harlot, as you know, gives to all men that which they ask of her. Rahab, the harlot, symbolizes your infinite capacity psychologically to assume any desirable state without questioning whether or not you are physically or morally fit to do so.” Having grown up as a part of a marginalized group in the United States, I find that even with all my spiritual training, I will find goals and destinations that I have subconsciously not reached for.

A friend mentioned to me recently her desire to win a Pulitzer Prize for her writing. Even today I can recall the visceral internal reaction I had to her proclamation. When I reflected on my own inner response, I realized there were yet more walls to my Jericho that needed to be knocked down.

Very often we cut ourselves off from opportunity. We tell ourselves “no” by our unwillingness to dream big and to imagine the extraordinary for ourselves. Is there anything you’re telling yourself “no” for by not imagining it for yourself? Are you keeping you out of certain arenas by refusing to reach for the incredible in your own mind?

Maybe now would be a great time to make a list of all your impossible dreams. Where would you like to go? With whom would you like to hang out? What kind of contribution do you want to make in the world?

Define Your Jericho

What do you want? “Define your objective (not the manner of obtaining it) — but your objective, pure and simple; know exactly what it is you desire so that you have a clear mental picture of it.” There are many systems for getting clear on your objective. I recommend the one that costs you nothing but discipline and time: prayer.

I have found that if you will make an inviolable appointment time with I AM, and you faithfully keep that appointment, I AM will clarify your objective in you. You can do this alone or you can set up a prayer partnership. Every day at the same time, you show up to commune with I AM about the thing you need clarity.

I guarantee you will receive the direction you desire. Sara Blakely, billionaire founder of Spanx, talks about the moment she cut off the bottoms of her pantyhose. Because she had been meditating on a product she could create that would serve millions, she knew what she was looking at when she cut off those bottoms. That same crystal clear awareness belongs to you. Make the appointment. Show up for the appointment until you get what you came for.

Ignore the Walls of Jericho

Ignore what’s in the way. “Take your attention away from the obstacles which separate you from your objective and place your thought on the objective itself.” The obstacles that separate you from your goal draw their power from your attention. The moment you withdraw it, you shut off the power source that sustained them. They may live for a little moment on residual energy. But with no active energy supply, they eventually die off.

I have found that planning works as an excellent antidote to ignoring what’s in the way. Planning is the highest form of faith because it assumes that the thing planned for shall be yours. By planning for your objective, you give your mind something better to focus on. The nature of the mind is to focus on a thing — that’s what the mind does. When you plan, you give the mind the right things to focus on.

Once you get a clear mental picture, keep that appointment with I AM on the books. But instead of seeking clarity on the idea, you now work with I AM on the plans for the idea.

Chaz Dean shares about the moments after he got clear that it was time to move his salon. He would meditate daily on what the salon would look and feel like. One of the images that came to him was a fountain. He also asked for “signs of spirituality.” When he finally located the site that would become the home of his new salon, it was located on Fountain (in Hollywood) and there was a homeless woman living on the property named Spirit.

Go Inside Jericho

Make the experience of your objective real. “Close your eyes and FEEL that you are already in the city or state that you would capture. Remain within this psychological state until you get a conscious reaction of complete satisfaction in this victory.” See it happening for you and experience it as though it were your present living reality.

I love using music to create feeling. I recommend creating a visualization sound track. Fill it with songs that capture the essence of your goal. You can find movie soundtracks for free on YouTube. Those tracks are already filled with every rise and fall to make you feel like you are conquering Mt. Everest!

But you can also use motion to create emotion. In Walking Your Blues Away, Thom Hartmann talks about the healing effects of walking long distances without distraction. The simple action of letting your arms swing naturally at your sides while you walk at an easy pace restores you in ways you cannot now imagine. You can take your objective with you on your walk and watch the ideas flow!

Watch the Walls Come Down in Your Mind

There is a sense of conviction that comes from this kind of inner work. “The seventh blast symbolizes the seventh day, a time of stillness or rest, the interval between the subjective and objective states, a period of pregnancy or joyful expectancy.” It always feels like a click inside of me but you may experience it differently.

It’s like one moment the thing I desire feels like something I want but don’t have. And, then, after a period of prayer, planning and mental rehearsal, I have this unshakable inner sense that what I want shall be mine. And, it always comes before I have the thing itself. But I have never had it come without the prayer, planning and mental rehearsal.

“This stillness is not the stillness of the body but rather the stillness of the mind…” It feels like an unshakable sense of certainty. Someone may ask, “well, how do you know that it shall be yours?” And, the only answer given might be, “I just know that I know that I know.” You have no fear of what must happen in order for you to achieve your goal. The obstacles either disappear or they become necessary stepping stones to where you’re going.

“You will not be afraid of the enemy because the outcome has been determined by the psychological state that preceded the physical offensive; and all the forces of heaven and earth cannot stop the victorious fulfillment of that state.”

You are an unstoppable force of nature! Use this formula for victory as demonstrated by Joshua. Dare to lay claim to the most incredible and extraordinary things you can imagine. Nothing and no one can stop you. And, because now you know how to get around the voice of self sabotage, go ahead and lay claim to those dreams society doesn’t believe you can have!

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*All unattributed quotes taken from Neville Goddard’s Your Faith Is Your Fortune, Chapter 27 “A Formula for Victory”

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